How to Take Care of your Lightstick

how to take care of your kpop lightstick

  •  Do not strike or throw the lightstick.
  •  Do not put the product in your mouth due to the choking hazard.
  •  Store the product where children under 6 years old cannot reach to avoid any sudden accident.
  •  Do not rub the product with the sharp or hard object.
  •  Do not bend the product with the excessive power.
  •  Do not put pressure on the product because it may cause damage and deformation.
  •  Do not use damaged or deformed product for your safety.
  •  Do not disassemble the product because it may cause dangerous accident and damage on the product.
  •  Remove the battery when not in use.
  •  Follow the instruction for different kinds of each battery.
  •  Keep the product from water.
  •  Do not stare directly at the light.
  •  Do not store the product in the place with very high temperatures.