How to Repair a Lightstick

It is the day after your first Kpop Concert ever. You saw your most favorite idol group! Waaaaaa!! You saw your most favorite, ultimate bias! Waaaaaaa!! All the hysteria, all the screaming, cheers and sweat and you know you will never ever forget that fateful night. (Who ever does?)

Then, amidst all those happy happy things, there is a small but... Your lightstick was broken. You do not know how, when or where. (Or do you? sssssshhhh It was broken when you suddenly dropped to your knees after your bias touched your hands waaaaaaaaa!!!)

But yeah, it is broken. 

Ohhhh... don't fret.

Here are simple, easy-to-do steps to fix your lightstick. You do not need to buy a new one.

Problem & How to Resolve

Lightstick head broken     
                        - Get any super adhesive glue like MightyBond
- Place MightyBond on both surfaces
- Re-attach both ends
- Push both sections for a minute and leave for 5 minutes
- Ta dah! It's fixed

Lightstick wont light up/Faint light
- Open battery area and check if batteries are position correctly
- Tighten batteries and battery container cap
- If still not working, replace batteries.
- You can buy 3-5V batteries from camera shops or watch repair shops

So those are the two most common lightstick problems and it's simple, quick fixes. If these steps outlined above still do not work, you can entrust the help of an adult or a electrician to further troubleshoot and resolve the issue especially with non-illumination of the lightsticks.
Or, you can always purchase a new one when you go to your next Kpop Concert. Most merchandise sellers are present at the concert hall entrances during Kpop concerts.

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