KPOP Fandom Names and Colors

This is a list of the different Kpop groups, the corresponding fandom name and colors. We are trying our best to update the list from time to time. Please comment on new groups or additional information. Thank you.

You may also view the file in google docs in this link: Kpop Fandom Names and Colors
link updated 7/18/2013
link updated 8/7/2014 with Exo's official fandom name (Exo-L)
link updated 10/14/2016 adding Twice


  1. If I'm not mistaken EXO's official fandom is ERROR? (Just announced by SMEnt)

    1. I'm sorry I do not yet know if this has been confirmed. I will further research on this. Thanks.

    2. Update: You may have already heard that EXO's official fandom name has been announced. It's EXO-L.