What is a lightstick?

A lightstick is a hand-held, portable, battery-powered light source. The power supply is from a battery–operated light emitting diode (LED).  They are commonly used for recreation such as illuminating devices for concerts, parties, and clubs; but may also be used for aviation, military, rescue or decoration purposes.

A Little Site Disclaimer

For the purpose of this site, we are referring to battery-operated lightsticks like the one shown in the picture below. Please do not confuse lightsticks from glowsticks. Sometimes, the terms are and can be used interchangeably. However, for ease of understanding, this site will use the term lightsticks for battery-operated lightsticks especially the ones used for KPOP concerts.

Battery-Operated Lightsticks. - Super Junior custom-designed.  (Photo from Alibaba.com)

Difference of a Lightstick and a Glowstick

Glowstick (Photo from 
Xingzheng All Stars Glow Toy Factory )
For everyone’s information, the glowsticks are also portable, hand-held light sources. The main difference is that glowsticks have self-contained power sources. They are made of transparent plastic tubes which contain certain chemical/s that, when combined, make light through a chemical process [nerd alert!] called chemiluminescence.

Glowsticks are also waterproof, are cheaper to manufacture, and disposable.  However, glowsticks cannot be turned off. Once the chemical reaction starts off to give off its desired light, the whole device will be illuminating all throughout until the chemical reaction runs or fizzles.

On the other hand, lightsticks generate light through the LED/Light Emitting Diode/s that are attached to them. The color of the light given off is dependent on the diode being used. The diodes are powered by a battery, usually by very small 3-5Volts batteries or AA-AAA batteries. The whole process of lightsticks generating light is called electroluminescence.

The lightsticks/battery-operated glowsticks/LED glowsticks are a great alternative since they can be switched on/off. When used properly, it can light up to 24 hours continuously or even up to 3 years or more if used sparingly. The batteries can be replaced. You can purchase battery replacements from camera stores or watch stores.

Battery-operated lightsticks are now often preferred over glowsticks due to the latter’s chemical composition and possible effects. LED-using energy devices are now also used more in different industries due to its low-energy consumption benefits and longer shelf-life.

Which one do you need?

If one is looking primarily for a light source for a KPop concert, the battery operated lightstick is definitely the go to device as most fandoms use and utilize battery-operated and customized lightsticks.  It provides more flexibility and safer options for the concert-goers and can definitely be a good collectible for any fangirl or fanboy.

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