Lightstick Etiquette and Safety Tips

So who is going to a Kpop concert anytime soon? I know you are too excited for that fateful day or night. You even planned what you'll wear and bring to even the slightest, tiniest detail, didn't you? That's okay.  I even do that myself.

Banner. Check. Sneakers. Check. Backpack. Check. Ticket. Check. Special 'I Heart Donghae' tee. Check. Lightstick. Check. check. check.

Before we get carried away on things, let us remind you all of the proper etiquette on brandishing those lightsticks.

1. For the well-being of other fans and concert-goers, it is best to get small sized lightsticks, typically 4-7 inches in length. This is to avoid accidentally smashing the head of person in front of you with your lightsaber when Eunhyuk comes out of the stage.

2. NO intentional turning off of a lightstick during a group member's solo performance. NEVER. DO NOT EVER DO THIS. 

This rule is a general concert etiquette and we have also aptly placed it under the lightstick safety section since you might be mobbed by the other fans.

Moreover, this just boils down to a person's class and manners.  No one deserves a black ocean during his/her own group's concert.

3. Do not wave/point your lightsticks to an idol's face when he/she comes near.

4. Do not hit anyone with your lightstick. If you have accidentally and unintentionally hit someone with your lightstick, always apologize.

5. Do not throw your lightstick to anyone or to the stage.

6. Tie lightsticks in your arm or wear the lightstick around your neck. Most lightsticks come with a thick string which can be made into a bracelet or necklace.

7. Go crazy with your lightstick at the same time keeping in mind all these tips and tricks.

That's all folks. Enjoy your Kpop Concert. Remember, a great lighstick comes with great responsibility! ☺

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