Do you really need a lightstick for a Kpop Concert?

You heard Super Junior's Super Show is coming to your country. Oh yes! At least your country is now a part of the world hurr hurr.
Lightstick in Action! during Super Show 4 in SG 2012-Feb-18

Do you really need a lightstick?

Of course, you are going. You have all the tickets (concert and plane tickets), hotel reservations, and fan paraphernalia to boot. Well, except for one. You do not have a lightstick!

You ask yourself, "do I even need one?" Lightsticks are really expensive in your country and getting one ordered and shipped from South Korea could be cumbersome and not worth spending an arm and a leg with. You are one of the those practical fans who prefer to enjoy the concert by already forking out the money for the concert tickets itself.

This reasoning is entirely valid. As fans, we cannot pick money from trees. We, or our parents, work hard for it and understand its value.

However, deep inside, you will know that a Kpop concert experience will not be the same without having a lightstick. Raising it along with other fans, keeping beat to your idol group's song, brandishing nonstop when your bias passes by you during the concert.

We can feel you gurl! Having a lightstick is not everything, but still having one can make a difference. It will still be up to you on how you participate and be one with the crowd and the other fans during the concert.

Let us enjoy our concerts with or without the lightsticks!

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